The following are website that you may find useful. There are site that you can use as resources about food safety like ServSafe as well as the latest food code that is issued by the FDA. There are also sites that will keep you abreast of our food service industry news across the country. And then there will be some that we call “just for fun”. These are sites that we personally have enjoyed regarding food and food preparation. From time to time we may add links to this page so check back ofter.


ServSafe (National Restaurant association)

Food Safety News – Here you can get updated news on everything Food Safety, from information on product recalls to news about foodborne illness outbreaks across the country.

U.S. FDA Food Code – Here you can look at the current 2013 Food Code from the FDA as well as past editions and supplements.

Foodservice Management Professional (FMP) Certification – Want to take your career certifications to the next level. The FMP credential not only signifies a professional’s mastery of competencies to potential employers, but it’s also an important tool that helps the industry recruit, retain and reward qualified employees.

CDC and Foodborne Illnesses – For those who really want to know about the science of Food Safety. The CDC has all the info that you could want.

Food Service Industry News –  Up to date new about all segments of the Food Service Industry. What’s happening and what are the latest trends. From this site you can subscribe to their newsletter and receive daily news updates via an email newsletter.

ServFoodSafely Facebook page. – This is the link to our Facebook page. We will be using it to send out the latest news on food safety and food recalls, as well as any changes that we are aware in terms of changes in the food code at the national or state level. We will not be posting silly unimportant thing that adds to your news feed. We promise to keep this professional and industry related.